Bizarre Tesla fan articles: car manufacturer offers Cybertruck beer

Bizarre Tesla fan articles: car manufacturer offers Cybertruck beer

Tesla has launched a new product: a beer brewed in Germany. The “GigaBier” is based on the eagerly awaited Cybertruck and is available in limited numbers.

At its only German location in Grünheide near Berlin, Tesla has so far manufactured its mid-range SUV Model Y. In addition, the US electric car manufacturer has also been offering its own German-made beer since Thursday evening. Dubbed “GigaBier,” the Pilsener-style alcoholic drink contains five percent alcohol and is available in a three-pack. Tesla demands the proud price of 89 euros for this.

According to the description, however, this is by no means a conventional beer. Rather, it is brewed in Berlin “with our exclusive cyber hops and flavors of citrus, bergamot and sweet fruits,” Tesla writes on its website. Each 330 milliliter bottle has a black label and has a “Giga” watermark, which is supposed to glow in the dark. The product thus “builds a bridge between Cybertruck and the 500-year tradition of beer brewing according to the German Purity Law”. Tesla had already presented the Cybertruck in 2019, but then postponed the production of the electric pickup several times. Production is now scheduled to start this year. In any case, the right beer is already available.

Tesla “GigaBier” available in limited quantities

The webshop that sells the “GigaBier” is run by a company called Cyberhops. To this end, Tesla is cooperating with the Dutch company BrouwUnie. If you want to buy the Cybertruck beer, you have to be at least 18 years old. In addition, the product is limited; it can only be purchased once per order.

Tesla boss Elon Musk had already announced the beer before the official opening of the Gigafactory in Grünheide at the Gigafest in 2021. It’s not the electric car manufacturer’s first bizarre fan article. In addition to a Tesla tequila, there was a whistle in the design of the Cybertruck, short pants or the mini quad “Cyberquad”. The fan items had one thing in common: they always sold out quickly. Will the “GigaBier” sell so successfully?

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