Paris increases parking fees: would your car be affected?

Paris increases parking fees: would your car be affected?

In Paris, parking fees for certain cars will be drastically increased following a referendum. The measure does not only affect the SUV of the title. In Germany, many cars would break the mark.

First registration, performance, consumption – on most online sales portals, offers can be filtered according to various attributes. One dimension is still missing for many people: weight. However, that could change if the “Paris model” catches on in other regions. The population of the French capital narrowly voted in a referendum to drastically increase parking fees for large cars (more on this here). Although only six percent of those eligible took part in the vote, the result is that from September onwards, one hour of parking will cost visitors 18 euros, six hours 225 euros.

The vote with the motto “More or less SUV in Paris?” was previously labeled with the catchy word “SUV,” but it doesn’t just affect off-road vehicles, which are sometimes referred to as “city tanks.” The new tariff applies to all combustion engine and hybrid models weighing 1.6 tons or more and electric models weighing two tons or more.

“Parisian brand” is often ripped off in this country

If you look at Germany, a number of the vehicles currently registered in this country are likely to break this mark. The average unladen weight of newly registered passenger cars in this country has continued to rise in recent years and was most recently around 1.7 tonnes. This is shown by data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, see below.

Using the example of the VW Golf, you can clearly see how the weight within the model series has continued to increase due to construction reasons since the introduction of the first generation. When it was introduced in 1974, the Golf I still weighed around 800 kilograms. There is no longer any Golf in the VIII series that weighs less than 1.2 tons. Depending on the configuration, the Paris 1.6 tonne mark has already been exceeded with the “Variant” station wagon model. For a compact class vehicle, mind you. A number of mid-range cars, station wagons and vans are likely to exceed the limit.

Increased over the years: The VW Golf became heavier and heavier

How heavy is your own car? You can find the information here

The registration certificate I shows how heavy your car is; the curb weight is listed there in line G. For those purchased before 2005 cars The information can be found under point 14 of the vehicle registration document. Anyone planning to drive to Paris from September should take a look at the vehicle documents beforehand. And if necessary, drive to a private parking garage – the new tariffs do not apply there.

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