Fines for cyclists – some violations cost several hundred euros

Fines for cyclists – some violations cost several hundred euros

Cycling can be a lot of fun on holiday – some big cities can also be easily explored by bike, depending on how bike-friendly they are.

However, it is important for cyclists to know what kind of penalties they can incur if they do not follow the traffic rules. It is probably clear to most holidaymakers that you can face severe fines if you run red lights or use your cell phone while cycling.

In Greece or Italy, running red lights can put a huge strain on your vacation budget. In Athens the fee is 700 euros, in Rome 613 euros. However, these are top figures in Europe when it comes to fines for cyclists.

However, other violations of the rules are also subject to three-digit penalties. In Madrid, for example, using a cell phone while cycling is punished with 200 euros, in Amsterdam with 140 euros.

And these are not the only European cities that charge more than 100 euros for this, as the bicycle accessories portal Bycycle has put together in a ranking. A complete overview of 20 major European cities and their fines for cyclists can be found.

It’s also better not to ride your bike along the sidewalk

Anyone who cycles in places that are not intended for this must also expect a fine: in several European cities, cycling on the sidewalk costs 100 euros or more, including Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm and Paris.

And anyone who travels without lights can also be hit with a hefty fine: in Madrid or Brussels the fine is 200 euros.

If you are going on holiday and are cycling, you should inquire beforehand. There are also penalties in Germany – although these are quite low compared to other European countries. This is also shown by the overview of fines for cyclists in Europe. Ten metropolises were selected for this photo series.

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