Mining is inclusive and generates a lot of social mobility, it requires professionalization

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“As we progressed, we became more integrated with mining needs. And, later, we set ourselves the goal of meeting different economic and financing needs. As we move forward, the camera fulfills different objectives”, remarked Gómez Bello, who added what the entity’s next goals are: “Today we have two challenges: we focus on the entrepreneur, we need to include him so that he can become a supplier. And that the one who is already a supplier has the tools to continue growing. financing and preparation.

In turn, Gómez Bello explained the reconversion that the suppliers had to carry out: “We want to incorporate the entrepreneur, who sees the possibility of reconverting or becoming professional within his own field. Mining has above-average safety and environmental standards. As a chamber, with the support of the union and the province, we seek to insert them”. Finally, he referred to the role of the activity in the region: “Mining is inclusive and generates a lot of social mobility. The range is wide, when we talk about mining and professionalization. Mining at a glance are great teams. But the range of professionals needed is very wide. Mining is the mother of the industry”.

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