How to dollarize savings without limits and with estimated returns of 30%

How to dollarize savings without limits and with estimated returns of 30%

Those who acquire this currency to reserve it generally seek to preserve capital by skipping adverse scenarios. For this reason, it is considered one of the alternatives most used by Argentine savers.

Despite the restrictions for its purchase, the interest for the USD – acronym for the English United States Dollar – is still valid. Currently, thanks to a national Fintech, all people interested in dollarizing their savings can do so legally, without limits and without affecting the USD 200 quota that the Central Bank (BCRA) admits.

The company, chosen by 150,000 users, allows Argentines to safeguard their capital in MEP dollars and also receive a return by investing it in first class properties. This is Crowdium, an investment platform available to everyone, in which you can participate from 50,000 pesos.

The system is known as real estate crowdfunding and consists of the contribution of different people who invest their capital in real estate with income in dollars. Each investor acquires a percentage of the properties and respectively of the estimated returns generated.

The company’s most recent project offers a Estimated total return of 30% in dollars in 30 months. Avenue Park, as it was called due to its privileged location between two avenues in the Palermo neighborhood, is an innovative portfolio due to the benefits that are incorporated for the first time at the request of users.

“Thanks to the interest shown by the Crowdium Community, we inaugurated a new category in security for investors” they say from the company. Avenue Park includes: insured return by contract, like the sale of 100% of the units that they be acquired, to a price already setat the end of the 30-month period that the project will last.

In addition, from the platform they achieved an additional commitment with the developer that includes a dollarized monthly rent that investors will begin to receive from the beginning of the project. Thus, the total return that is estimated to be generated is 30% in dollars in 30 months.

“It is the first project in which we include an anticipated rent that will be distributed from the beginning of the project” they comment from the company and clarify that most of the profitability is generated at the end of the term, as a result of the sale guaranteed by contract .

According to data from the platform, today Avenue Park is in the last days to invest with more than 95% funded. In this way, it is postulated as the most successful project of the company that, according to exclusive advances, will soon be replicated in other Latin American countries.

Crowdium was created in 2015, with the mission of breaking down the barriers to access the real estate market, dealing with assets that can generate a return and that defend their value over time. It was awarded as “Best Crowdfunding Platform” (best crowdfunding platform) and “Best investment Platform” (best investment platform), among other international recognitions.

How to access the opportunity

Those interested can enter the company’s platform, register for free and select the amount they want to invest -both in pesos and dollars- and invest in three simple steps. They can also call 0800-220-2769, where a commercial advisor will offer to monitor the process.

For more information, you can visit www.crowdium.com.ar.

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