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From today you can do the process to pay less in April

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In April, the increase will be 2.36%, for everyone equally because the Health Cost Index is less than 90% of the variation in formal wages (RIPTE)the indicator used to set the increase in the quota for those who earn less, according to the Superintendence of Health Services.

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Decree 743/2022 that set the differentiated increases (which debuted in February and will be applied for the second time in March) establishes that 90% of the RIPTE acts as a ceiling for those who receive less than 6 Minimum Vital and Mobile Wages in relation to the Index of Health Costs. The same increase in the Cost Index is applied to those who earn more than 6 SMVMs.

Thus, this cap was applied in February and now in March because the Health Cost Index was 8.21% and 7.66%, respectively, and for those who earn less the increase was 4.91% and 5, 04%.

In April, this ceiling does not apply because the Health Cost Index is 2.36% and 90% of the RIPTE is 4.87% (the RIPTE was 5.41%).

Prepaid: how to carry out the procedure before the AFIP to pay less

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In the case of being the holder of a prepaid medical plan and you need to make the Income Certification Affidavit before the AFIPyou must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the official page of AFIP with fiscal key 3.
  • adhere to My SSHealththe web service of the Superintendency of Health Services. You need to login with CUIT either WHICH and Fiscal key.
  • Restart the session.
  • enter the service My SSHealth.
  • You will be redirected to the website of the SSHEALTH.
  • complete there the sworn declaration of the income you had the previous month.

The term to present the affidavit is 1st to 20th of each month. It is necessary to present it every month so that the cap can be applied.

It should be noted that the cap will not be applied for months prior to the month of submission of the sworn statement.

Limit to increases in quotas: what are the requirements to carry out the procedure?

  • Have a Fiscal key with security level 3.
  • Be headline of a prepaid medical plan.
  • to register lower net income To six Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM). Check the amount of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary here.

Source: Ambito

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