AFIP investigates Argentine accounts in Switzerland for more than US$85 million

AFIP investigates Argentine accounts in Switzerland for more than US$85 million

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) carries out the investigation of accounts of Argentines in Switzerland that could not be declared before the organism in order to omit the payment of the Income Tax Personal Property and Earnings.

It is currently estimated that the sum amounts to u$s85 millionthe agency said in a statement.

The control and supervision of the accounts of Argentines abroad points to “the continuous fight against tax evasion by the segments of the population with greater purchasing power.”

“The area specialized in International Taxation has implemented various measures to guarantee compliance with tax obligations by taxpayers who have financial accounts abroad”indicated AFIP.

The information was obtained through the automatic exchange of financial accounts (CRS for its acronym in English), carried out by AFIP with the governments that participate in the system, where information on financial accounts is shared, including balances, interest, dividends and income products. sales of financial assets.

The data is reported to governments by financial institutions and covers the accounts of individuals and entities, including trusts and foundations.

In addition, the AFIP maintains conversations with Switzerland about other types of more specific exchanges of information, where information on particular cases is requested.

This is the case of the so-called “exchange of tax information prior to request or upon request”, which is another of the modalities of administrative cooperation between the prosecutors of the different jurisdictions.

AFIP receives information through different exchange agreements signed that cover more than 140 countries, to which was added the agreement signed last year with the United States (Fatca), a jurisdiction that, as in the case of Switzerland, is believed to which houses a large number of financial accounts of Argentines.

The agency has already sent electronic notifications to a large number of taxpayers who have assets abroad and did not report their holdings outside the country in the affidavits of the Personal Assets Tax or Income Tax corresponding to the fiscal periods 2019 and 2020. Said The universe is made up of more than 1,800 natural persons and more than 250 taxpayers, it was reported.

Source: Ambito

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