In the last year the costs of cargo transportation exceeded inflation

In the last year the costs of cargo transportation exceeded inflation

He transportation cost of loads rose 11.85% in May compared to April and reached a rise of 44.6% in the first five months of the year, according to a report from the Argentine Federation of Business Entities of Cargo Transportation (FADEEAC).

The important increase in May occurs after the increase in April (7.75%), after the exchange rate stress produced had a negative impact on the different prices and costs of the economy. The accumulated variation in the last 12 months was 133.75%.

The costs of the sector exceed the Consumer Price Index (CPI): while, between April 2022 and April 2023, the ICT had an accumulated variation of 131.11% in the same period, inflation was 109%.

The monthly survey carried out by the Department of Economic Studies and Costs of FADEEAC measures 11 items that directly impact the costs of cargo transportation companies throughout the country, and is a reference to a large extent for setting or adjusting freight rates. sector.

As has been the case in recent months, most items registered increases. Those linked to transportation equipment, in particular, once again showed sustained increases and continue to put pressure on the general index.

In May, the list was headed by Tolls, which increased 42.78 percent when applying the tariff updates in the national corridors and in the accesses to CABA.

The labor cost had a strong impact on the Personal-Driving category, with an increase of 19.53% (the third tranche of the agreement signed in October 2022, the additional one for First Category, and the additional expenses for daycare and social works).

Then there were General Expenses (20.61%); Financial Cost (19.63%); Repairs (12.92%); Rolling Stock (12.14%); Insurance (11.69%) and Lubricants (9.25%), while Tires had a slight increase (0.75%), Patents did not suffer changes compared to April.

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