Millionaire fine for a company that did not settle exports

Millionaire fine for a company that did not settle exports
November 16, 2023 – 00:00

Recently, the economic team disrupted a series of fraudulent maneuvers through which different companies sought to do business with the high exchange rate gap and dented the Central Bank’s reserves. In this context, days ago, the Federal Justice defined a significant fine for an exporting firm after the BCRA discovered that it did not liquidate the foreign exchange obtained from sales abroad on 140 occasions.

The Federal Court of Tartagal applied a fine equivalent to the dollars that the company did not settle in the exchange market, the amount of which amounts to almost US$6 million. In addition, it ordered his special disqualification for three years from operating foreign trade.

The sanction fell on the company Mas Exportaciones SRL and its managing partner, Pablo Jesús Ojeda, for not entering and liquidating the proceeds of 140 export operations carried out between October 2019 and August 2021. The maneuver was detected based on the inspection work of the BCRA.

To define the penalties, the court considered two aggravating factors. On the one hand, the company did not record “a single transaction carried out within the exchange regulations.” On the other hand, he pointed out that he mentioned “the social and economic context in which the facts of public and well-known knowledge are confined, particularly in exchange matters, where the lack of foreign currency and the value of our currency is a current problem and of great collective impact.” , of public and State knowledge, which significantly affects all levels of society, affects the economic order.”

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