Chamber of Labor and farmers in close contact

Chamber of Labor and farmers in close contact
Anderl and Moosbrugger visiting a dairy farm
Image: Erwin Schuh

Chamber of Agriculture President Josef Moosbrugger (LWK) and Chamber of Labor President Renate Anderl (AK) have announced “a common commitment to sustainable agriculture and forestry.” There are “many common interests,” said the two social partners on Tuesday during a visit to a dairy farm in Zöbern in the Buckligen Welt.

There had been friction between AK and LWK in the past. The often expressed AK criticism of agricultural subsidies and food prices has sparked discontent among farmer representatives. Moosbrugger said that in public one perceives “mostly the opposites.” However, farmers and workers have a “variety of interests” in common.

Moosbrugger referred to food quality, security of supply and jobs. It can’t always be about the cheapest price. Anderl said many jobs depend on agriculture, in processing, transport and trade. Both emphasized that it is necessary to protect soils from sealing and to take measures against climate change.

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