Billing fraud at ophthalmologists? Manager relieved of duties

Billing fraud at ophthalmologists?  Manager relieved of duties

How can you make as big a profit as possible with private patients? According to a media report, this was what a seminar for doctors from a large ophthalmologist chain was about. There are consequences there now.

The ARD magazine “Panorama” reported on a seminar that a medical director of a large chain of ophthalmologists held together with a billing expert from the company last fall. There, the employed doctors were given instructions on how to “charge a lot more” for private patients.STERN PAID 23_23 Title The better doctors_0616

The medical lawyer Andreas Spickhoff from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich then called the training in the “Panorama” interview “a training course to maximize profits” and saw parts of it as a possible incitement to crime, to billing fraud in a particularly serious case. Doctors could even lose their license to practice medicine as a result. If a large number of doctors were actually involved, it could even constitute the criminal offense of gang fraud.

Eye doctor chain active in 100 locations across Germany

Due to the many doctors involved, potentially high damage can be expected. The eye doctor chain employs over 300 ophthalmologists at more than 100 locations throughout Germany.

Business with private patients: After ARD report on possible billing fraud among ophthalmologists: Manager relieved of all duties

Which manager was specifically relieved of his duties remained unknown. When NDR asked whether it was the medical director, the company told the broadcaster that it would not be able to make any further statements on personnel issues.

In a statement on the “Panorama” article, the company’s homepage says: “We do everything we can to maintain trust in the excellent work of our doctors, who do their best every day for the well-being of our patients. We take the indications of possible individual misconduct presented in the article very seriously.” “An independent and comprehensive investigation has been commissioned by a specialized external law firm” and this has “already begun to process the facts.”

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