How will the reimbursement be for affiliates?

How will the reimbursement be for affiliates?

The Government went to court to readjust the quotas of private medicine companies. What is the mechanism for the reimbursement of amounts already invoiced for increases between January and April.

He Governmentthrough the Superintendency of Health Services (SSS), presented to the court an amparo that contains a precautionary measure to retrograde the increases of prices in the installments of the prepaid. The document details which companies are involved, the value of the quotas and also indicates the scheme for The money refund already invoiced in the increases.

The Government presented the precautionary measure before Court 9 of the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber. According to official sources, the prepaid payments included in that document are 18, expanding those reached by the Commerce resolution.

According to estimates by the Superintendency of Health Services, these companies bring together 90% of the affiliates.

Caution due to increase in prepaid payments: the Government confirmed that it will return the money collected from affiliates

In the appeal for protection 70% refund is proposed in seven equal and consecutive installmentsbut always having the CPI issued each month by the National Institute of Statistics and Census.

The presentation of the SSS points out that there was “an increase of around 150% by the prepaid medicine entities when, according to the recorded rates, it appears that the increase amounts to approximately 70%.”

This means that If a month there is an inflation of 10%, the prepaid companies would not charge any increase, since this value would be compensated by the reimbursement figure that they have to make to the affiliates. In the event that inflation is 8%, 2% must be returned to customers.

Refund of the increase in prepaid payments: what is the scheme that the Government proposed so that members can recover the increase?

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