Claudio Zuchovicki talked about three traps and explained the roadmap to eliminate them

Claudio Zuchovicki talked about three traps and explained the roadmap to eliminate them

One of the most listened to analysts spoke about the exit from the stocks and why the exit from the restrictions should not be rushed.

Claudio Zuchovicki He is one of the most listened to economists in the city. In a recent interview, the analyst gave his opinion on the rise in dollar and spoke of “three traps” and the progressive path that the Ministry of Economy must take to eliminate them.

“The price increase is very high but you honestly stated a lot of prices in the economy, it is incomparable with last year when everything was frozen. Regarding the stocks, what they are doing is with data that we do not have, they must see things that not us to not release the restrictions,” he stated in dialogue with El Observador.

On this point, he added that “there are three restrictions: the country tax, the restriction of up to 200 clubs with CCL and the obligation for the exporter to sell. There are times when you can’t make a mistake because there is no going back.”

“It’s like an airplane when it takes off: once it has taxied there is no turning back, when it decided to take off, that’s it, it has to take off. From outside it is easier to talk, It’s hard to make those decisions.”assured about the Government’s position against the stocks and the dollar.

Finally, regarding the way out of the crisis, he noted that “vto be quite selective the improvement process, In some sectors it will happen, such as mining. “I have faith in credit as a mobilizer.”

What Luis Caputo said about leaving the stocks

The Government is beginning to give indications regarding the direction that monetary policy will take in the next stage of the president’s administration Javier Milei. And, although the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, acknowledged that “we cannot set a date” for the lifting of the stocksannounced that prior to that he will need to meet four requirements.

“He fiscal anchornormalize flow, normalize stock and have a reasonable relationship between reserves and remunerated liabilities“, listed Caputo, the so-called “rockstar” by Javier Milei, before businessmen and finance executives at the IAEF Annual Congress. He anticipated that they will take that step “when let’s be safe that there will be no surprises.” And, on the other hand, he pointed out that, “If we entered into a new program with the IMF that involves new funds, that relationship would be at a more reasonable level”.

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