We suffer the increases a lot

We suffer the increases a lot

The economic situation that the country is going through hits different sectors hard. One of them is the Footwear industrywhich has been experiencing the Sales drop and maintains very negative data compared to last year.

The crisis that shoemakers are going through

Footwear industry on alert due to 62% increase in imports

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the clothing and footwear category reached 205.0%.

Roberto, owner of a company that is dedicated to manufacturing all types of custom and standard footwear, told Ambit how the economic crisis has affected your sales and how you are going through the situation. “From January to October 2023, we made an average of between 10 and 12 pairs per month. In October, before the elections, an average of between 6 and eight. From January to today we have made 13 pairs in 6 months“, he began telling.

The merchant who has more than 50 years of experience in the trade carries out all types of custom footwear for companiesHowever, in 2024, he said that they have not summoned him. “Every year we make a “x” number of pairs. This year the companies did not call us,” he said.

According to Roberto, he has experienced a important sales drop. When it comes to custom footwear, 80% and in production a 100%.

At the same time, the manufacturer referred to the increases in inputs, services and rentwhich pays for its factory located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Slaughterhouses. “In March we renewed and we did it with a 130% increase in rentr. Then, with respect to electricity and gas, a 100% or 120% increase. Inputs have increased practically 120% in a year”.

Finally, the owner of the shoe factory said that the only alternative he has is “fight day by day” and “wait for this to improve“In addition, he pointed out that the solution It’s not about looking for lower prices. since that way”we are going to have a lower quality as well“We work with a quality that, under no circumstances, can we lower it,” he said.

People look to fix their shoes before buying new ones.

Another merchant, who has his street sales premises in Villa Ballester and is dedicated to the repair of footwear, purses, backpacks and suitcases, he also told this newspaper how the economic situation is reflected in sales. In their business they offer repairs for footwear, handbags, backpacks and suitcases; Orthopedic soles; footwear accessories and regional items.

The situation affected us like everyone else.. Prices and supplies increased a lot, but luckily people are choosing us to repair their shoes.” In this way, it suggests that lPeople look to fix their shoes instead of buying new ones.

However, he referred to the sale of shoe care products and stated: “The sale of cosmetics for footwear decreased, but what is composure did not“Finally, he maintained that”Many of us suffer the increases“and they try to increase their prices as little as possible for the customer.

Inflation in the clothing and footwear sector

In the month of April, within the index of inflation of 8.8%, the heading of “clothing and footwear experienced a 9.6% increase, according to INDEC. For its part, the Index of Consumer Price (CPI) was 205.0%.

In March, the sector experienced a inflation of 10.9%. That month, the year-on-year CPI reached 287.9%the highest level since February 1991, when it reached 582%.

Source: Ambito

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