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Myths and truths about opening a company in the United States

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  • Am I evading taxes or doing something illegal?

No way! Opening a company in another country is 100% legal and there is nothing unusual or out of the law, as well as an evasion of tax responsibilities of the country where you reside. To put it very clearly: invoicing in the United States does not in any way mean avoiding tax responsibilities in Argentina, for example.

  • Do I have to have a large capital to open a company?

Opening a company in the United States does not require a minimum amount of effective capital contribution by the partners.

  • Are there less taxes in the United States than in other countries?
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Sure, and that’s why there are so many companies looking to operate here. In fact, the highest tax that they must face periodically (and in some cases only the only one), is the Income Tax. In addition, it is worth noting that to keep the company active, a renewal cost is paid to the State, which is annual, and it is not a high cost.

  • Is it true that there are States where the identity of the owners of companies is kept confidential?

Yeah that’s right. In some States, privacy and legal certainty are the most important, making it almost impossible to know who the owners of these companies are.

  • If I want to cancel it, is it a cumbersome or expensive procedure?
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It is very easy to cancel a company in the United States, that is why there are so many that open and close for temporary temporary jobs.

  • Is it true that one of the benefits is access to loans in dollars at very tempting rates?

Yes, that is correct, and it is one of the reasons why they contact us. Both for sole proprietorships and for SMEs and large companies, in general, banks usually offer loans with very accessible rates and payable over many years, something more than attractive for those seeking to invest in the United States or in their countries of origin.

  • Finally, why do you think so many societies settle there?

I think it is a mixture of legal and accounting certainty, ease of opening or closing the company and the possibility of accessing loans in dollars at really attractive rates.

Founder of Susy Chemen Consulting.

Source: Ambito

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