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Zendaya: One million dollars per “Euphoria” episode

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Zendaya is set to receive $1 million for an episode of Euphoria. In doing so, she catches up with the really big stars of the series.

.Zendaya (26) has reportedly negotiated a lucrative deal with broadcaster HBO. For her series “Euphoria” the actress should earn about one million US dollars in the future. Entertainment lawyer and former The Hollywood Reporter Matthew Belloni reported in

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Since 2019, Zendaya has starred in the critically acclaimed series Euphoria as high school student Rue, who has struggled with drugs since her father’s death. In 2020 she won the Emmy for best actress in a drama for the first season – as the youngest actress ever. Two years later, Zendaya won another Emmy for the same role. No African American actress had ever done this before.

A million dollars an episode: Zendaya in illustrious company

Zendaya wouldn’t be the first TV star to break the $1 million per episode barrier. Jerry Seinfeld (68) is said to have achieved this first for his sitcom of the same name. The six main actors of “Friends” publicly enforced that they were all paid the same salary of around one million in the last season. Other series stars are said to have received the magic sum per episode, for example the main cast of “The Big Bang Theory” or “Game of Thrones”.

Charlie Sheen (56) was paid even better. At its peak, “Two and a Half Men” reportedly brought him $1.8 million per episode. The record is said to be held by Jennifer Aniston (54) and Reese Witherspoon (46). For their starring roles in “The Morning Show,” they reportedly rake in two million dollars for each episode. However, there are generally no reliable figures on salaries.

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