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Beauty filters: Anyone can look perfect – and that’s dangerous

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Watch the video: Studies reveal that beauty filters really are that dangerous.

Look like a supermodel in just a few clicks. Deceptively real beauty filters have become indispensable on Instagram and TikTok. Almost every user has used one at some point

But a study by the University of Utrecht found as early as 2022 that beauty filters have a major impact on women in particular. The more intensively filters are used, the more important users perceive the ideals of beauty that are conveyed. This also increases the pressure to comply with them.

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The new “Bold Glamour” filter, in particular, goes too far for many: With such a filter, everyone can supposedly look perfect – in line with modern ideals of beauty.
Our reporters Fanny Rudolphs and Katharina Kohler have tested the currently most popular TikTok filters. They are surprised at how significantly the filters alter their natural faces.

A study by the American Medical Association from 2019 shows how dangerous the beauty pressure of filters really is: researchers found that facial filters are also making cosmetic surgery more and more popular. These can have dangerous side effects such as infections, bleeding or permanent damage to the facial nerves, for example. Critics have therefore been calling for at least mandatory labeling for beauty filters for some time.

Source: Stern

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