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Heat wave and school performance: this says a Harvard study

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The high temperatures that have been experienced in our country for weeks can have consequences when studying or taking an exam. I know what they are.

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In recent weeks, Argentina registered the higher temperatures in a long time for this time of year. With peaks close to 40° in different parts of the country, the heat wave I do not finish. Closed environments with a lot of heat can affect teaching and learning tasks.

A study conducted by researchers from harvardthe University of California and the Georgia State University observed the performance of more than 10 million students and concluded that exposure to high temperatures has a cumulative impact on the development of cognitive abilities.

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How does the heat affect the studio?

According to the measurements, the students lower their performance in exams a 1% for every degree and a half that rises. According to the publication, the benefits of having adequate air conditioning equipment in classrooms reduces 78% the adverse effects of heat.

In addition, high temperatures make students more likely to show a irritable behaviornegatively influence the perception that teachers have of them and result in a lack of motivation and concentration.


Those who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases are doubly affected and show indices of absence Taller.

In educational establishments, humidity, paint materials and detergents accumulate, which make it necessary to use of extractors. For this, the air exchangethrough natural or mechanical mechanisms, becomes fundamental.

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