El Silencio, what the most watched Netflix series in Argentina is about

El Silencio, what the most watched Netflix series in Argentina is about

The new series from the creator of “Patria” tells the story of a murderer and a psychiatrist who seeks to discover who he really is.

Recently Netflix added to your catalog The silencea Spanish series of 6 chapters of approximately 45 minutes that is currently number 1 in the Top 10 series of the platform in Argentina.

“Sergio Ciscar (aron piper) hasn’t said a word since he murdered his parents six years ago. Now a psychiatrist seeks to find out what happened by conducting a twisted investigation.” This is how he summarizes the synopsis of El Silencio.

The series tells the life of a boy accused of a double homicide: he killed his parents. From this fact, the young man decided to keep absolute silence as a way to move on with his life. Although the authorities and the rest of the family insisted that he speak, he did not, nor did he admit his guilt. The story will unravel when Ana Dussel (Almudena Love), a specialist in psychiatry, decides to take the case and begins to analyze the reasons for this decision.

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The new project from the creators of Patria

The series is a project of Aitor Gabilondowho previously gave us something to talk about with his Patria project, a series slightly based on real events, which tells the story of two families that were marked in different ways during the conflicts with ETA, placing themselves on different sides of the struggle and having to deal with the decisions they made.

Patria was nominated for an international Emmy, a Fotograma de Plata and the Platino awards, and El Silencio bears the same seal of quality, in addition to once again immersing us in the world of human psychology and what leads us to act in certain ways. ways.


Who stars in El Silencio

aron piper was part of successful series like Elite and The mess you leaveand now he is the protagonist of this new thriller where well-known Spanish actors also participate.

Piper is escorted Almudena Lovefrom the terrifying movie La Abuela, as Sergio’s psychiatrist, Manu RiosElite, like Eneko, Cristina Kovanifrom La Caza: Monteperdido, as Marta, Aitor Luna, Aria Bedmar and Mikel Losada.

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