Beyoncé and Jay-Z buy California’s most expensive mansion

Beyoncé and Jay-Z buy California’s most expensive mansion

With their new house, singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z set new superlatives. The villa in Malibu, California, is said to be the most expensive property ever sold in California with a purchase price of around 200 million US dollars.

Together they have a fortune worth billions, but even for singer Beyoncé and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, this purchase must have been quite expensive. The two have bought a new mansion in California overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Paradise Cove, also known as “Billionaires’ Row”, for around 200 million US dollars. Despite the record price, the two artists are said to have even made a bargain with the villa, because the villa was initially listed for 295 million US dollars.

The property previously belonged to William Bell, a major art collector. It is said to have taken around 15 years for Bell to finish building the house, which was made entirely of concrete. The plans for the extravagant villa come from the Japanese star architect Tadao Ando, ​​who is currently designing a house for Kanye West. The award-winning architect has already received the Pritzker Prize, a prestigious award in the industry, for his work.

Previous sales records broken

The Knowles family’s new luxury home is around 2,788 square meters in size, and the property itself covers a total of eight hectares. With a beautiful garden, a pool and a direct view of the Pacific Ocean and certainly much more, the family’s new home offers everything they need to feel good.

It’s not the celebrity couple’s first expensive property purchase. Already in 2017 it made headlines with the purchase of a villa in Bel Air – for then 88 million US dollars, the value of which is said to have risen to over 100 million US dollars thanks to many investments in the property. Your new purchase now doubles this amount again. With this purchase, the couple now own the most expensive property ever sold in California, beating the previous record of $177 million by over $20 million.


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