Sophia Thiel on eating disorders: “Almost broke me”

Sophia Thiel on eating disorders: “Almost broke me”

In a new interview, Sophia Thiel described the beginning of her eating disorder – and how she finally saved herself.

It’s been a little over two years since the well-known fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (28) publicized her eating disorder, which she had been struggling with for a long time. In “Bild am Sonntag” the 28-year-old has now remembered the beginning of her illness. After her job as a fitness influencer began to take up more and more time, Thiel said she saw her family and friends less and less. “My career is always glorified: from being bullied to being a muscle man. But no one knew how much it all weighed on me and almost broke me.”

Her therapy saved Sophia Thiel

The comments about her body – no matter what form it was in – would have “broken” her, reports Thiel. “When I was defined and lean, I was accused of taking testosterone. When I was bigger, I was called ‘fat’.”

In 2020 she then went into therapy – “not voluntarily”, as she says. “That was my last straw […] I went there quite reluctantly – but in the end it was the best decision of my life and it saved me.”

In April 2021, the fitness influencer went public with her eating disorder. At that time, Thiel explained in an extremely personal, relentlessly open YouTube video that she had never been enough for herself in the past. Even then, she described her psychotherapy as the “best thing I could have done.” In addition, Thiel explained that she was very proud to be able to speak so openly about her illness. Her goal is to encourage others who are affected and to show them that they are not alone.

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