Rapper Blueface: Musician injured in knife attack

Rapper Blueface: Musician injured in knife attack

Blueface was attacked with a knife during boxing practice. The rapper took to Instagram after the incident.

Rapper Blueface, real name Johnathan Jamal Porter, was attacked during boxing practice. The musician reports. “I won’t be able to fight on October 14th because of an injury, I won’t have enough time to heal,” he explains of a boxing match that was actually scheduled.

A man appeared “with a dog and a knife at 10 a.m.” during his training in the boxing studio. In addition, Blueface published recordings that apparently come from a surveillance camera and show scenes of the incident.

Suspect fled in car

The rapper and the alleged abuser appeared to have gotten into an argument while another bystander tried to keep the two apart. However, the argument escalated when Blueface punched the man multiple times. The subsequent knife attack cannot be seen.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, this happened on Reseda Boulevard in Los Angeles, according to CBS reports. The suspect then drove south in a black Tesla with no license plates.

In the surveillance camera images, the man wore a white tank top, jeans and white shoes. Police did not find a gun when they arrived at the studio, and Blueface was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. he was injured in the leg. In an Instagram Story, the rapper showed off his bloody injury and bandage, but assured fans he was fine.

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