Sara Nuru: Two days, three dresses – she got married

Sara Nuru: Two days, three dresses – she got married

Sara Nuru got married in Switzerland. The wedding celebration lasted two days – and the bride wore three dream dresses.

Model and entrepreneur Sara Nuru (34) got married. After only five months of planning, but at least with a wedding planner, the two-day celebration took place in her adopted home of Switzerland. “Relaxed and dreamlike” it should have been, . The photos also reflect this.

In the pictures, the bride shines in three cream-colored wedding dresses from different designers: a strapless, three-quarter-length dress for the registry office on Friday, a high-necked dress with a low back for the wedding day on Saturday, and a halter dress for the party in the evening.

Relaxed bride, relaxed party

The numerous guests were entertained at long tables with white tablecloths and restrained decorations at a winery outside of Zurich. There was also no “chichi” when it came to eating: “We wanted delicious, simple food that could also be rustic,” says Sara Nuru in an interview. There was plenty of fruit and fruit cake for dessert.

The fact that everything was so relaxed is certainly also due to the right attitude: “It was clear to me: We organized and planned everything well in advance, put enough energy into the detailed work, so that I swore to myself on the day of the wedding and all weekend just letting go and accepting everything as it comes,” she explains. “Because in the end, the nice thing about a wedding is that all your loved ones come together. Many of our friends and family have come to Switzerland to celebrate with us,” enthuses Sara Nuru.

Rain on the day of the civil wedding

The civil marriage took place in a small circle in a Zurich registry office. But the weather and the journey put a spanner in the works. “When we arrived at the registry office around 4 p.m., it was pouring rain – like it hadn’t been for weeks.” And the old tram they wanted to take to the registry office also failed. “Instead, there was a bus – without air conditioning at what felt like 40 degrees, and it was packed to the brim,” she recalls. She won’t forget the walk in her high heels from the main train station to the registry office either, admits Nuru with a laugh.

The toast was then taken in a small restaurant in Zurich: “We wanted a relaxed atmosphere. So we decided on a casual restaurant that’s pretty informal,” says the German model with Ethiopian roots. Finally the sun came out in the evening and dinner could be served in the garden of the restaurant.

Wedding planning with baby

There was a very sweet challenge in the run-up to the wedding, especially in relation to the clothes: “I had completely underestimated what it means, as the mother of a six-week-old baby, not only to plan a wedding in general, but also to regain one’s own body feeling Finding out who I am now in this new role and how it has changed my style,” recalls Sara Nuru.

She then tells another special feature about the wedding photos. “I don’t know if I’m very sensitive to photos because of my job, because I’m constantly accompanied by photographers when I’m modeling. That’s why I always associate photos with work… In any case, it was very important to me that photography is not so dominant,” says the “GNTM” winner of the fourth season. “For example, we didn’t want staged family photos, only snapshots.” The photographer should be as invisible as possible.

What she will particularly remember from the wedding was a moment in the evening: “When I danced traditionally Ethiopian with my family and my father and all our friends danced along, although they had no idea how it actually works.” . It was nice to see “how all these different cultures come together and have fun and a good time together”.

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