Tom Hanks warns his fans about fake advertising videos

Tom Hanks warns his fans about fake advertising videos

Tom Hanks promotes dental care in an Instagram video. Or? The US actor wants nothing to do with the video – and refers to artificial intelligence.

US actor Tom Hanks (67) has warned his fans about a promotional video that is said to have used an AI copy of him without his knowledge. “Be careful,” wrote the two-time Oscar winner (“Philadelphia,” “Forrest Gump”) on Instagram on Saturday (local time). There is a video circulating that promotes dental care using an artificially created image of him. “I have nothing to do with it,” emphasized the Hollywood star. His text on Instagram was accompanied by a computer-generated image showing Hanks.

The actor, who recently starred in films such as “Elvis”, “A Man Called Otto” and “Asteroid City”, spoke in an interview last May about the dangers and possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Speaking on The Adam Buxton podcast, Hanks said it was now possible for him to continue acting after his death.

Tom Hanks warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence

AI technology can also make him younger or older. These technologies are an artistic and a legal challenge. Hanks went on to say that unions, agencies and lawyers are grappling with how to protect performers’ voices and faces.

The strike by US actors and actresses in Hollywood that has been ongoing since July is also about rules for the use of AI. The authors’ union WGA (Writers Guild of America) recently reached a preliminary agreement with the film studios after a strike of almost five months. The new employment contract guarantees the screenwriters, among other things, higher salaries and insurance for the use of artificial intelligence.

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