Britney Spears shows acting talent: Old video shows her casting

Britney Spears shows acting talent: Old video shows her casting

Britney Spears’ acting talent has been laughed at a few times on the Internet. But critics were apparently wrong for decades, as proven by a casting video for a blockbuster twenty years later that has now gone viral.

If you’re currently scrolling through social media, you might see a video of 21-year-old Britney Spears showing a variety of emotions. It’s a casting video for the hit film “Like a Single Day” (English title “The Notebook”).

In 2002, the then extremely successful singer around the world auditioned for the role of Allie Hamilton and, as the video proves twenty years later, she even acted very well. Spears is said to have even prevailed in the casting against Hollywood greats such as Claire Danes, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams and Jessica Biel. But in the final selection for the female lead, she lost to Rachel McAdams. By the way, the antagonist was Ryan Gosling.

After two decades, the video of the audition appears online. According to the British news portal Daily Mail, Hollywood casting director Matthew Barry unearthed the video footage even though the clip was known to exist.

In 2021, an offer even appeared on Ebay. Someone offered a million dollars for the coveted cutout. But fans had to wait until Britney Spears’ memoir “The Woman in Me” was published.

Britney Spears often received criticism for cameo roles

Britney Spears often appeared on screen in cameo appearances. Among other things, the singer was seen in “Austin Powers Goldstand”, the series “Will & Grace”, “Glee” and an episode of “Jane the Virgin”. Spears even appeared briefly on “How I met your Mother.” There has been a lot of criticism for such short appearances, but Britney Spears has been polarizing for around 15 years now, at least since her public low point when she shaved her head bald. There are also comments under the current video clip of the film casting that say it’s a good thing she didn’t get the role, McAdams would have been a much better choice.

But the majority of feedback online is: Chapeau, Britney has real acting talent.


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