Seriously ill Céline Dion: First public appearance in a long time

Seriously ill Céline Dion: First public appearance in a long time

Celine Dion, who suffers from “stiff person syndrome,” has appeared in public for the first time in a long time.

Céline Dion’s (55) long story of suffering is no secret for fans of the Canadian singer. In December 2022, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer herself announced in a video shared on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with “stiff person syndrome”. Since then, Dion has paused her music career, largely disappeared from the public eye, and is said to have retreated to her Las Vegas mansion. But now the popular singer has appeared in public again for the first time in a long time.

Celine Dion attends ice hockey game in Las Vegas

Dion, who comes from the Montreal area in Canada, attended a game of her hometown team, the Montreal Canadiens, in the North American ice hockey league NHL, much to the delight of her many fans. The game was played in Las Vegas. One from the team on X (formerly Twitter).

Dion is warmly greeted and hugged by Canadiens coach Martin St. Louis in the clip. The singer claps her hands, is visibly happy, and overall makes an excellent impression. For the occasion she wore beige trousers and a matching sweater as well as a lined white vest, which certainly provided good protection against the low temperatures in the hockey arena. Dion has pulled her hair back into a braid.

Her three sons, 22-year-old René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddy (13), accompanied Dion. In the clip from the dressing room, they pose together for group photos and get to know the team’s players. The Canadian sports presenter Chantal Machabée (59), who they show arm in arm with a beaming Dion. “The whole team was very happy to get to know you and your family,” the journalist commented on her post.

Céline Dion fans are overjoyed

How unforgettable the singer is among her fans can be seen in the comment columns under the recordings of her performance. “God, how much we missed her,” it says. Another user noted: “Celine!!! You look incredible! I hug you! We love you so much!!”

Chronic autoimmune disease “Stiff Person Syndrome”

The singer, known for songs like “My Heart Will Go On” and “Because You Loved Me,” suffers from a chronic autoimmune disease called “stiff person syndrome.” In stressful situations, the disease can lead to muscle cramps. Dion is therefore currently unable to perform.

Dion’s sister Claudette said in September that the singer was doing everything she could to get well again. Although she was “a strong woman”, unfortunately the family “couldn’t find any medication that worked”, as Claudette Dion (74) revealed in an interview published around a month earlier. However, Dion is working with “the best researchers in the field.” “I honestly think that what she needs most is rest,” Claudette Dion explained at the time.

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