Fighting the invisible enemy of productivity: how to overcome procrastination?

Fighting the invisible enemy of productivity: how to overcome procrastination?
November 4, 2023 – 17:00

This habit is one of the many time thieves that we have to deal with in our daily lives. Everything you have to stop doing.

The procrastinationetymologically derived from Latin “procrastinare”means “to leave a matter for tomorrow”. In modern times, it refers to a phenomenon that is characterized by the difficulty of starting activities or commit to important tasksreplacing them with other more irrelevant situations or nicethat They are not what we should do at that moment.

When we procrastinate, we are not only aware that we are avoiding the task, but also that we are avoiding the task. doing so is a bad idea. AND Still, we do it.. He temporary relief What we feel when we procrastinate is what takes us into a vicious circle, from which it is very difficult to escape. In the immediate present, stopping a task provides relief, and when we are rewarded for something, We tend to do it again. Therefore, the procrastination easily becomes a chronic habit.

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What symptoms does procrastination bring?

With the passage of time, the procrastination chronic has costs not only to the productivitybut destructive effects on our mental health and physicalincluding stress, distress, low satisfaction with our lifeSymptoms of depression and anxiety.

People adopt this behavior because own willbut not only because of a matter of laziness, but also because we can be mentally tired, and naturally, our body “encourages us” to do nothing.

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Tips to stop procrastinating

Eliminate digital clutter

Being surrounded by digital distractions such as the computer or cell phone is the escape route. more common for the procrastinators. The four tips to avoid it are:

  • Put the phone on airplane mode.
  • Install a web blocker.
  • Close open tabs They do not serve your work.

The 5 minute rule

When we are faced with a task that we do not want to do, a recommendation that may help is to do the following:

  • Set a stopwatch five minutes.
  • Spend those five minutes to the activity that must be completed.
  • Take a break after that time, if you feel it is necessary.

90% of the time, just starting the activity It’s enough to continue.

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telephone addiction


Split the task

Mark the objectives in order of importance and divide our obligations into stages. A great tip is to make a check listin which we are checking the tasks as we finish them.

Break the first minute barrier

The really complicated thing is to overcome the moment before starting. If we manage to start we will have half the work done. Since our brain will create the anxiety necessary to finish the task started.

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Avoid self-boycott

If we say things like “I look at Instagram, but only five minutes and I’m done”; “I’ll start tomorrow, it’s Monday” or “there’s still a month left to deliver” we will be feeding procrastination. We must put aside any type of excuses and start.

Start with the most difficult

The most recommended is start the day with the most complicated. Taking the weight off always helps to continue the day motivated.

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