Travis Kelce: His mother spotted in Taylor Swift’s film

Travis Kelce: His mother spotted in Taylor Swift’s film

Donna Kelce convinces herself of Taylor Swift’s concert film. A fan spotted Swift’s new boyfriend Travis Kelce’s mother at the cinema.

Donna Kelce (71) takes a closer look at her potential daughter-in-law. The mother of Taylor Swift’s (33) new boyfriend Travis Kelce (34) was spotted at a movie theater in Florida on Sunday. The football player’s mother attended Taylor Swift’s concert film “The Eras Tour.”

a user described her encounter with Donna Kelce – including photo evidence. The young woman was watching “The Eras Tour” for the fourth time, as she emphasizes. She noticed a visitor who looked like a Donna Kelce doppelganger. She confronted the woman about it after the film, who then revealed that she was actually the mother of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.

Travis Kelce also watched Taylor Swift the day before his mother went to the cinema – but live on stage. The NFL star was in the audience at his superstar girlfriend’s concert in Argentina. Swift changed a song lyric for him, and after the gig they kissed passionately. It was the official outing of the new royal couple of American pop culture.

Donna Kelce: All-American Mom

By the way, Donna Kelce has already achieved a certain level of fame in the USA last year. Her sons played against each other in the Super Bowl, becoming the first pair of brothers in NFL history to do so. Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs prevailed against Jason Kelce’s (36) Philadelphia Eagles. Donna Kelce was portrayed in the media as a kind of mother of the nation.

Donna Kelce apparently gets along well with Taylor Swift. The singer has sat in the stands at Chiefs games and had animated conversations with Travis’ mother.

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