International Sweatpants Day: These styles are trending in 2024

International Sweatpants Day: These styles are trending in 2024

Sweatpants are no longer a no-go in the fashion world – despite Karl Lagerfeld’s former dislike. There are now many different designs that you can use to combine this trendy item in everyday life.

Sandals with socks, white boots and sweatpants: many former no-gos have returned to the fashion world. For the International Sweatpants Day It’s worth taking a look at a few looks that are also suitable for everyday life and clarifying: Do designers really hate the baggy clothes that much?

This question can quickly be answered with “no”. Designer Michael Michalsky even thinks: “Sweatpants are the new jeans.” And also Karl Lagerfeld had come to terms with sweatpants while he was still alive. He once said: “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.” Since his collaboration with Puma in 2018, it should have been clear: Karl Lagerfeld couldn’t have been such a big hater of sweatpants. Because in the joint collection there were actually ones designed by him . So that would finally be clarified.

Jogging pants in combination with a blazer, jacket, etc.

But how can you style your cozy pants so that you don’t look like you just got off the couch? One of the simplest and safest combinations is that of jogging pants, a simple plain and tight top, blazer, blouson or jacket and stylish shoes. As is often the case: it’s the mixture that counts. Chic and casual work great together in good proportion and make a look interesting. If you have a casual element with sweatpants, you can enhance it with elegant pieces like a blazer.

It is also important to visually combine the wider shape of the sweatpants with a tight top or shirt that is best tucked into the pants. This is how you create one attractive silhouette. For the office, it’s best for women to slip into a pair of chic pumps, while men can wear low shoes or brogues. Away from the office, you can also wear sneakers.

In recent years, Fashion Week Berlin has also shown how stylish sweatpants can be. Kilian Kerner, among others, presented different looks with the casual buxe in 2019, providing inspiration for cool combinations.

Away from the classic gray sweatpants

You can see that sweatpants are now an integral part of the fashion world and have evolved significantly: instead of the classic gray sweatpants, trousers are now available made of silk, with colored stripes on the side, checked pattern, and, and, and. Even away from the couch or International Sweatpants Day, you can still wear the loose trousers with a clear conscience. You only have to know how!

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