Big Brother: the new measure that changes the game

Big Brother: the new measure that changes the game

The red phone rang in the house and things change for the next elimination gala.

On Monday night the red telephone rang inside the house and Joel ran to answer it. He barely made it, after an alarm siren, the voice of Big Brother He said: “Everyone in the living room, everyone in the living room, everyone in the living room.” Thus, the 16 participants sat in a circle on the armchairs and facing the monitor, where seconds later the figure of Santiago del Morowith his face covered with a black envelope.

During several moments of this gala on Monday, the host had insisted that he was going to reveal the contents of an envelope that would change the game this week. And when he had the attention of the house, he named one by one to tell them what was going to happen these next seven days.

Seeing Del Moro’s worried face, all the participants were alerted by the gesture. “Fear, fear,” everyone agreed. And there the driver spoke up: “I told you something last night: that the game changes, that you have to wake up, that it is not a 5-star hotel. Many understood, others did not use the metaphor. And it was not against anyone, obviously it is in a way to build a bridge for them, give them a hand. You are the ones who are playing this game.”

The measure that changes Big Brother in the face of the next elimination

“Joel, did you answer the phone?” asked the driver. And upon receiving the affirmative answer, he said: “You are nominated.” And then he continued: “Agostina, you are nominated. Alan, you’re nominated. Zoe, you’re nominated. Martin, you are nominated. Rosina, you are nominated. Denise, you’re nominated. Nicolás, you are nominated. Sabrina, also nominated. Lisandro, you are nominated. Lucia, you are nominated. Emmanuel, you are nominated. “Juliana, you are nominated…” del Moro said. At this point, he was interrupted by Fury’s wild celebration, true to her style and contrary to the manners of the game.

“Bautista, you are nominated. Federico, Manzana, you are nominated. And you Virginia, because you are the last, I want you to know that you are nominated too,” Del Moro continued. “Oh, the fucking mother…” he blurted out to the one who entered the house last, lamenting her fate. “Guys, the whole house nominated. “The game changed”, explained the driver. “It’s a dream come true!” Fury shouted from behind. “Everyone on board, everyone. The thing is like this: This week everyone goes to the plate, this week the vote is positive. Change the game. This week the viewers, the supreme one, are going to choose who they want to be there, who they want to stay in that house,” Santiago remarked.

“Tomorrow in the leadership test, they are going to participate for a place outside that plate. And tomorrow, whoever wins the leadership, I am going to tell you what the benefits will be in an atypical week. And on Wednesday, they are going to nominate to see who you draw from the nominees board,” Santiago continued with the sudden modification of the rules.

“It’s going to be a normal plaque, as always, with nothing more than more people”Del Moro clarified in response to the doubts that arose due to this novelty.

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