Dogs can watch television: what are their favorite programs

Dogs can watch television: what are their favorite programs

A study revealed that pets enjoy watching television. Therefore, we share with you a list of the best movies to watch with your dogs.

Summer vacations are the ideal time to strengthen the bond with your pets when sharing walks outdoors, playing in the park or cooling off in the pool. But if the weather is not good, another option is to stay home and share a movie with your faithful companion, since the dogs They also enjoy this activity.

A study carried out in the University of Wisconsin collected 1,600 evaluation data from dog owners around the world over two years. The primary goal of the research is to support the development of more sensitive methods for assessing the vision of these adorable pets.

Through an online questionnaire, data was collected on the screens available in homes, the animals’ interaction with the devices, the type of content consumed and the reaction after exposure. In this sense, the research evaluated the behavior in front of four short videos with diverse topics to know the preferred content of the pets and the results were surprising.

What TV shows do dogs prefer?

According to the research directed by Freya Mowatveterinary ophthalmologist at the American University, dogs they are more attracted to programs where they can see other animals, more specifically, to other dogs. Also, the researchers noted that movement on screens was a strong motivator for capturing pets’ attention.

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One way to spend time with dogs is to watch programs that are attractive to them.

One way to spend time with dogs is to watch programs that are attractive to them.

He 86% of those surveyed noticed that their dogs paid attention to television content, highlighting patterns such as approaching the device (78%), making sounds (76%), tracking movements on the screen (72%) and wagging the tail (69%). This study provides fascinating insight into how dogs choose and enjoy their TV time, opening up opportunities to better understand their visual preferences.

Regarding content preference, the research considered that the most popular programs among canines were the starring other dogs. The content with humans they occupied the ninth place within the 17 categories that were evaluated, while cartoons were attractive to a low percentage of the dogs studied.

10 movies to enjoy with your pets

  • Dog Hotel – 2009
  • Marmaduke – 2010
  • Beethoven, one more in the family – 1992
  • 101 Dalmatians – 1961
  • Lady and the Tramp – 2019
  • Always by your side, Hachiko – 2009
  • Dog: a wild ride – 2022
  • A canine mind (Think Like a Dog) – 2020
  • The reason for being with you – 2017
  • Marley and me – 2008
  • Ruby’s Rescue – 2022

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