“Storm of Love” newcomer: Milan Marcus will fall in love – and how!

“Storm of Love” newcomer: Milan Marcus will fall in love – and how!

Milan Marcus is the new one on “Sturm der Liebe”. The actor says in an interview what the start was like and what connects him to the role.

Milan Marcus (37) is getting back into acting on Thursday (January 25th) after many years in business. In the ARD telenovela “Sturm der Liebe” (Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m. on Erste) he will cause a lot of unrest as Tom after he falls in love with the slightly older Fürstenhof shareholder Alexandra Schwarzbach (Daniela Kiefer, 50). …

New to the team? Experience and interest help, says Milan Marcus

Duisburg actor Milan Marcus raves about the reception on set in an interview with spot on news. It was “super warm” from “everyone, behind and in front of the camera.” The series has been running since August 2005 and some of his colleagues have been there for that long. For the newbie, that means: “You have to work straight away. There’s no warming up or anything like that.” Alluding to his previous engagements with the daily “Verbotene Liebe” (2004-2008, 2009, 2010-2011), he adds: “I noticed that it helps if you’ve experienced something like that in your early years.”

Milan Marcus doesn’t have a trick for getting into an existing team particularly well and quickly as a new player. “I’m bad at classic icebreakers,” he even admits. “But I have a sincere interest in getting to know people and their unique characteristics – that’s why I ask quite a lot. As long as it’s done respectfully, I think that’s the most lasting icebreaker,” he says.

Milan Marcus: “Tom can be charming, but he also has dark sides”

About his role in “Storm of Love” Marcus explains: “Tom is essentially a very vulnerable character who can be very charming, but who also has incredibly dark sides within him. Not without problems.” But there are also personal similarities with his character. Accordingly, Milan and Tom have “warmth and sportiness” as well as “being able to let life happen to them in a certain way”.

Tom falls in love with the older Alexandra. “Like all other people who love each other, I think it’s great that you found each other,” says Marcus, commenting on the larger age difference. When asked about a prominent couple who do this particularly well, the actor looks to France: “The first person that comes to mind is Emmanuel Macron [Staatspräsident, Red.] and his wife Brigitte.”

Tom also struggles with jealousy in the series. “I’m generally not a jealous person and when this feeling starts to arise, I first listen to myself to see whether I might be insecure about myself,” explains Milan Marcus. Not least because of said jealousy, the story about his role develops quite wildly – that much can already be revealed. Playing it was “a lot of fun,” says Marcus. And he adds: “Such roles don’t come along very often and it’s great to immerse yourself in a character for the moment that is so far removed from your own.”

The “Storm” filming impressed Milan Marcus. He won’t forget “the incredible outdoor shoots in the Bavarian idyll, the great colleagues and the incredibly intensive work.”

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