Jonatan Viale is accused of plagiarism for the name of his new program on TN

Jonatan Viale is accused of plagiarism for the name of his new program on TN

Next Monday Jonathan Viale returns to television, it will be on the TN screen and although he had announced the name of his program, in the last few hours he had to change it because it already belongs to another radio cycle.

It turns out that the journalist Gabriel Suedhost on the IP Noticias channel and on Futurock, through X, wrote to Mauro Viale’s son.

“Hello, Jonathan. I’m Gabriel Sued, host of #ComoLaVes. It is the name of the program we have been doing at Futurock since March 2022. It’s the same name they gave to your new program on Todo Noticias. They didn’t know, maybe,” she posted.

And he added: “I don’t think there was any ill will. But now that you know…”

Although Viale did not say anything about it, Sued spoke out again and published in X: “Jonatan Viale called me, he apologized. He was not aware of it. I appreciate it.”


The fight between Jonatan Viale and Eduardo Feinmann

Journalists Eduardo Feinmann and Jonatan Viale They have been fighting for a few months, and now the host of Radio Miter confirmed it in a note with Socios del Espectáculo (El Trece) by ignoring his colleague.

The chronicler of the cycle led by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares consulted him about his current relationship with Viale and Feinmann shot: “With Mauro Viale’s son we were always co-workers, the truth is that… nothing.”

“I don’t know what he’s going to do with his life next year, I have no idea,” he said about the journalist’s future job. And about his projects he said: “I am focused on Radio Miter and my La Nación program.”

For her part, Marina Calabró, in A la afternoon (América TV), gave her opinion on the fight between the journalists and stated: “This war is between them. It seems to me that the position that the channel took is good, which is not to force that.” that today the conditions are not met.”

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