Emma Watson: “Harry Potter” star was towed away

Emma Watson: “Harry Potter” star was towed away

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson was banned from parking. The actress takes the fact that she was towed away with humor.

Emma Watson (33) should have taken a closer look. The “Harry Potter” actress was towed away in her Audi A3 in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon in the English county of Warwickshire this week. Accordingly, she accidentally parked her dark blue car in the no-parking zone.

Pictures obtained by The Sun show Emma Watson standing by her illegally parked car, which is being towed away. There are also two police officers standing next to the actress, who is apparently writing a message on her smartphone at this moment.

Emma Watson is ‘still looking for a parking space’

According to the report, Watson ignored a large no-parking sign and did not get a parking ticket when she met friends at the Rose & Crown pub that evening. According to an eyewitness, after she saw her car being towed away, she initially reacted angrily.

Now she has spoken out about the incident herself, but she now seems to be taking it with humor. she: “I’m still looking for a parking space in Stratford-upon-Avon.” She captioned her post with a laughing emoji.

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