Mental health: 5 simple habits that multiply the hormones of happiness

Mental health: 5 simple habits that multiply the hormones of happiness
February 13, 2024 – 09:00

All of these activities are easy to incorporate into your daily life and are useful for preserving mental health. Learn about each of them and how they benefit you.


reach the happiness It is the priority of many people, who every day look for how to be a little happier. While there is no exact formula, it is likely that incorporating these five habits to the daily routine has great results.

Easy and simple to do, doing any of these five activities frees happiness hormones in it brainwhich gives the feeling of pleasure and well-being.

What are happiness hormones?

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Serotonin, endorphin and dopamine are called happiness hormones.

They are called happiness hormones to the serotonin, endorphin and dopamine.

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The neuroscience focused on the study of neurotransmitters that influence mood, known as the “happiness hormones“. Studies show that certain emotions and habits produce chemical reactions that alter the levels of these neurotransmitters.

The happiness hormones include the serotonin, which regulates mood; the dopamine, associated with pleasure and motivation; and the endorphinswhich act as natural pain relievers.

5 habits that must be incorporated to be happy

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Five activities that will make you achieve happiness.

Five activities that will make you achieve happiness.

Far from being a magic formula, these five habits can bring those who apply them in their daily lives closer to happiness:

  1. Identify the emotions and name them: to be happyit is necessary to experience all possible emotions, recognize them and process them in a healthy way.
  2. Cultivate the social relationships: feeling loved and accompanied is one of the keys to happiness. The people are social beingswho need to establish a bond with other humans to feel well-being and take care of the mental health.
  3. Do physical exercise: the physical activity not only does it help the body to release endorphinswhich increase the feeling of euphoria, but also contributes to protecting neurons and preventing cognitive deterioration.
  4. Embrace: hugging someone or being hugged generates pleasure. This simple action generates effects on the body’s biochemistry, which produces feelings of satisfaction. The explanation is that contact with the other person releases oxytocina hormone related to the happiness.
  5. Positive self-talk: excessive self-demand, criticism or defensiveness in the internal dialogue It increases the level of mental noise that prevents you from enjoying the present and little by little, you build a self-image inside that destroys confidence.

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