Trust the process: the strange trick to washing the bathroom with shaving foam on the broom

Trust the process: the strange trick to washing the bathroom with shaving foam on the broom
February 23, 2024 – 18:00

Although both elements were not created for the same purpose, the reality is that they achieve good results as a team. Learn about this cleaning hack.


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to be creative with the everyday objects to achieve a cleaning efficient. It was recently learned that the broom and the shaving foam They may be resources unexpected but useful to clean the bathroom.

Cleaning: step by step to use the broom with shaving cream

  • Preparations: Before starting, remove any loose objects from the bathroom, such as rugs, towels and personal hygiene products, to obtain a clear space and make work easier.


Shaving cream.
  • First sweep: Use the broom to thoroughly sweep the bathroom floor, removing dust, hair and other debris. Be sure to sweep in the corners and behind the toilet.
  • Put shaving foam: Shaving foam, known for its degreasing properties, is excellent for combating difficult stains. Apply generously to the broom bristles and prepare to clean.
  • Scrub with the broom– In addition to sweeping, a broom with stiff bristles can work effectively for scrubbing. Scrub well with the shaving foam and broom, reaching tile joints and other difficult corners for a deep clean.


  • Stop acting: After rubbing the problem areas, let the shaving foam sit for about 30 minutes. This will allow the foam to break down dirt and stains more effectively.
  • Rinse: After the waiting time, rinse the treated areas with water. If your bathroom has a shower with a hose, you can use it for a more efficient rinse. Make sure to remove all the shaving foam to avoid sticky residue.
  • Dry and check– Use a clean cloth or towel to dry the washed areas. After drying, check the bathroom to confirm that all stains and dirt have been removed. If you find areas that need more attention, repeat the process as necessary.

Other cleaning tips

A comb for the shovel

Sweeping is not liked by most people and can be very tiring in certain cases, especially when it comes to hair and the accumulation of all types of dust. In most occasions, Dust lint ends up getting trapped in the broom bristles and causes discomfort.

comb and broom.jpg

If we put a comb on the top of the shovel, This will be responsible for removing any dirt stuck to the broom.making the task much easier.

Washing machine dryer sheets and their new function

dryer sheets They can also be used to sweep the floor, wrapping them flat on the broom and letting them collect dirt, dust and hair. The best thing is that they still deliver on their odor-enhancing benefits and work effectively on most surfaces.

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