Duffy is back: Little hope for her fans on Instagram

Duffy is back: Little hope for her fans on Instagram

She disappeared from the scene for years: After a long break, Duffy is back with an emotional post.

Fans of singer and songwriter Duffy (39) breathe a sigh of relief: The musician has returned to Instagram with a rare post on social media. Since the traumatic experience of a kidnapping in which she was drugged and raped, the British woman has rarely spoken out in person and has even withdrawn completely from the public for several years.

On Monday, Duffy – whose real name is Aimee Anne Duffy – posted about the secret of happiness. The video shows various animations set to music and a man’s voice quoting lines from the book “The Strength In Our Scars: What Gives Us Strength and Heals” by author Bianca Sparacino. The video originally comes from an art and philosophy account on Instagram.

The quote reads: “One day you will realize that happiness was never about your job, your degree, or a relationship. Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of those who came before you; it was never about to be like the others. One day you will realize that happiness has always been about discovery, about hope, about listening to your heart and following it wherever it may go. Happiness has always been about about being kinder to yourself; it’s always been about accepting the person you’ve become. One day you’ll understand that happiness has always been about learning to live with yourself, that your happiness is never in in the hands of others. One day you will realize that true happiness comes from within and cannot be defined by external factors. It was always about you. It was always about you.”

“I hope you are all well”

With her comment, Duffy addressed her followers again for a long time. She wrote: “A little something to motivate the heart on a Monday. Hope you are all well. With love, Duffy.”

In February 2020, the now 39-year-old reported for the first time about her ordeal in an Instagram post that is no longer available. A long open letter followed in April 2020 in which she described the terrible events. To this day, she has not revealed who did this to her and she also left open the year in which she had to endure the kidnapping.

Duffy celebrated great international success in 2008 with her single “Mercy”, as well as with the accompanying album “Rockferry”. In the same year, she came second after Adele (35) in the BBC’s annual prediction of which musicians would make a breakthrough in the following year.

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