Rebel Wilson had sex for the first time at 35: her lover had no idea at the time

Rebel Wilson had sex for the first time at 35: her lover had no idea at the time

Rebel Wilson didn’t have sex for the first time until she was 35. Her lover at the time didn’t even know that he was taking her virginity.

The eagerly awaited autobiography of actress and comedian Rebel Wilson (44) was released on April 2nd. Some of the revelations in the book had already made waves internationally. Among other things, the Australian announced in advance that she would report on her first sex in it. To the surprise of many, this only took place when she was already 35 years old.

Her chosen one was her then partner and colleague Mickey Gooch Jr. He didn’t know until recently that he was Rebel Wilson’s first lover. “Micks, I know this may be new to you if you’re reading this, but yes, I lost my virginity to you,” she revealed in her tell-all book. “And then it just happens,” Wilson continued. “I’m finally having sex. And I guess for the first time ever, I have those wonderful sexual chemicals in my body that really bind me to him.” The now slimmer Wilson had almost reached her maximum weight back then, but: “This great guy finds me desirable. That’s a wonderful feeling.”

Her ex-boyfriend received her biography in advance

The actress revealed that her ex-boyfriend didn’t just find out about the whole thing from the press or from reading the book after its official publication. Gooch was the very first person to get their hands on her memoirs. She assured that he now knew, of course, that she had lost her virginity to him.

Wilson said she hopes to show young people that “not everyone has to lose their virginity as a teenager.” “People can wait until they’re ready or until they’re a little more mature,” Wilson said. Of course you don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like she is, but you shouldn’t allow yourself to be put under pressure as a young person either.

Rebel Wilson is now engaged to her partner Ramona Agruma, with whom she has been officially in a relationship since June 2022. The actress welcomed her first child, Royce Lillian, via surrogacy in November 2022.

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