Kim Kardashian: She gives insight into Met Gala appearance

Kim Kardashian: She gives insight into Met Gala appearance

How could Kim Kardashian breathe at the Met Gala? The reality star now gave the answer to this question in a video clip.

At this year’s Met Gala, reality star Kim Kardashian (43) caused a stir as usual with an extravagant appearance on Monday evening (May 6th). When she saw her corset dress with a mini waist, many observers wondered how the 43-year-old even fit into John Galliano’s (63) creation for Maison Margiela. Malicious Internet users even speculated about how many of Kardashian’s ribs had to be removed to achieve this.

Kim Kardashian: “It’s an art form, but it works”

Vogue magazine now has , which shows Kardashian trying on her silver corset two days before the Met Gala, which gave her an extremely narrow waist. When rapper Kanye West’s ex-wife (46) had her top laced up, her stylists asked if she could still breathe in it. “It’s an art form, but it can be done,” Kardashian says in response.

However, this little inconvenience doesn’t seem to bother the influencer and entrepreneur too much. In the “Vogue” video, she goes on to rave about how the corset in question made her breasts and waist look “so good” despite the difficult breathing work it required.

The clip distributed by “Vogue” also reveals many other details from Kardashian’s appearance at the Met Gala. So she shows off her specially made shoes without heels. “To wear these shoes, you have to stand on your tiptoes and balance the whole time by flexing your calf muscles,” she explains. The heel was omitted here so that it wouldn’t get caught in the lace train and cause Kardashian to fall on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As is well known, Kim Kardashian went straight from this year’s Met Gala to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Just 18 hours after the end of the glamorous event, she appeared here at the OMR digital trade fair and told her numerous fans about her very personal use of social media.

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