Jane Fonda: Actress advocates for polar bears

Jane Fonda: Actress advocates for polar bears

Jane Fonda is the face of a new climate protection campaign: The Oscar winner is supporting a project to protect polar bears.

Oscar winner Jane Fonda (86) has been campaigning for climate protection for years. Now she is the face of a campaign that aims to contribute to climate protection together with the organization Polar Bears International (PBI). It’s about a new sweatshirt collection from the Canadian brand Canada Goose. Fonda posted one of the campaign pictures of her and designer Haider Ackermann (53).

All our strength in the fight against the climate crisis

Both of them are wearing a white sweatshirt with “Protect” and the Polar Bears International logo printed on it in bold letters. Fonda writes: “I am committed to fighting the climate crisis through planet-friendly decisions. What is happening in the Arctic is powerful, important and crucial.”

The proceeds from the so-called PBI hoodies are intended to benefit the organization. The money will be used to finance research, implement protection strategies and educate people about the importance of protecting the Arctic. Jane Fonda is the ideal protagonist of the campaign “as she has dedicated her life to educating, influencing and inspiring the world on ecological, cultural and social issues,” it continues.

Full commitment to the climate

Jane Fonda has been committed to climate protection for years and takes an active part in public debates about the climate crisis. Together with Greenpeace she launched “Fire Drill Fridays”. With the support of hundreds of demonstrators in front of the US Capitol in Washington DC, she drew attention to the need for radical action. In 2019 she was even arrested during protests.

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