The favorite fair for entrepreneurs from all over the country arrives

The favorite fair for entrepreneurs from all over the country arrives

Starting a business is a challenge and involves managing suppliers, maintaining a staff, staying in the market and growing as a business, among other aspects. The Caminos y Sabores fair, Consecrated as “The Great Argentine Market”, it seeks to promote and encourage the Argentine food sector through activities to generate business and aim to win markets.

Caminos y Sabores is the must-see event for food, beverage and craft ventures, as well as for the tourism promotion of cities and regions. “At this fair, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of foods and drinks, learn about the culinary traditions of different regions and countries, and discover new products and flavors,” the organizers highlighted.

In its 2023 edition, it had the participation of more than 500 producers, entrepreneurs and artisans from 22 provinces. All of them generated more than $1.5 billion in business volume and their products were known by more than 100,000 visitors who enjoyed the fair, from businessmen, to young people and foodies, to families.

The fair extends over 18,000 m2which is intended for exhibition spaces and offers the gastronomic producer aspects such as:

  • The possibility of participating and being recognized through the Flavor Experiences Contest.
  • Be part of the Business Rounds and generate long-term links, beyond the direct consumer. This activity does not interrupt the dedication and sale to the public since it is carried out in the morning hours.
  • Mass communication plan (social networks, exhibitor guide, activities with the specialized press). This achieves a superlative level of exposure.
  • Freedom of sale. Exhibitors market their products according to their standards and costs, since there is no regulation of rates, offers, or promotions.

According to data provided by the organizers, the average return on investment among exhibitors in recent editions was 3×1. “That is, the investment is recovered and a profit of a little more than double is generated, which makes this fair not only a great business network, but also an incomparable sales opportunity with the indices of each brand,” explained Karina Peluso, Commercial Executive of Exponenciar, the organizing company of Caminos y Sabores.

What is the modality of participation of producers?

There are two ways in which an entrepreneur can be part of Camino y Sabores, they are: Direct Exhibitor, which consists of the producer choosing to participate individually.

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On the other hand, in the Grouper Exhibitor modality, the producer can be part of the fair under the representation of a province, municipality, region, consulting firm, or institution.

Another aspect to highlight is that the fair proposes a payment plan financed by Exponenciar. The exhibitor can divide their payment in two: 50% at the time of reserving the stand, and 50% prior to the fair. As time is of the essence, the earlier the space is contracted, the better the location will be and the longer the payment term will be for your participation.

In short, being part of “The Great Argentine Market” means winning and this translates into expanding the network of contacts between producers, the public and retail chains. Increase visibility and be part of the trends and best practices in your field. In addition to the possibility of receiving direct feedback from consumers, which allows us to better understand the needs and demand of the current market.

A magnet for exhibitors

The Caminos y Sabores fair not only brings together and exhibits products, it also brings together life history and improvement.

“Without thinking about it, we sign up for the next edition every year.”comments Mariano Bellotti, one of the Sweet Masters of Guatan, the family business from Mar del Plata dedicated exclusively to the production of dulce de leche and derived products that participates for the third consecutive year in El Gran Mercado Argentino.

“We chose to return because of the great arrival of people who mobilize the fair. I remember that the first year we went with many doubts and fears about what the event was like, wondering if there were going to be people, if we would at least sell to pay for the stand, etc. But luckily, it exceeded our expectations and today without thinking we sign up every year for the next one,” Mariano recalls.

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