Gabriel Kelly: This is what he plans to do with his “Let’s Dance” fee

Gabriel Kelly: This is what he plans to do with his “Let’s Dance” fee

Winner Gabriel Kelly wants to use the “Let’s Dance” fee for something very specific. Little hint: It also has something to do with dancing…

Gabriel Kelly (22) won the title of “Dancing Star 2024” on Friday evening and was overjoyed about his “Let’s Dance” victory on RTL (also via RTL+). The newly crowned super dancer wants to remain loyal to the dance floor, as he revealed in the first interview after the finale.

He now wants to travel to Bremen more often

The son of singer Angelo Kelly (42) told Frauke Ludowig (60) immediately after the show that he would “definitely” take private lessons with his dance partner Malika Dzumaev (33) in Bremen. “I know it will cost a lot, but… I’ll spend the whole ‘Let’s Dance’ fee on it!” Whether he can still learn a lot in view of his terrific performance in the final – the jury gave him full marks for all three dances – remains to be seen. But since he will be taking part in the “Let’s Dance” tour in the autumn like the other finalists Detlef D! Soost (53) and Jana Wosnitza (30), a little more practice certainly won’t do any harm.

Gabriel Kelly joked that he had picked up “a lot of dance steps” from the three months he spent with his dance partner. Dzumaev stressed that it had been “a very special season” for her and that she would never forget the many beautiful moments with the 22-year-old. The fact that the two have grown together into a good team was not only evident on the dance floor, but also in a clip during the finale. There, Kelly found that the friendship with the 33-year-old was the “biggest gain” of the show. She, in turn, said in an interview with Frauke Ludowig: “I just want to say thank you to Gabriel for always trusting me one hundred percent – and yes, believing in us, as a unit, as a team!”

After the samba he felt free in his head

The biggest challenge for him in the finale was the samba, Kelly said. When he had succeeded, he said: “We’ll just carry on doing it the same way. With this freedom, with this free mind. Just the two of us on the dance floor, and no one else! And that continued throughout the whole show, thank God – with ups and downs. And at the end we’re standing here and we’re just over the moon!”

He also contacted the fans who had called on his behalf on Saturday night: “It’s amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you! We are overjoyed.”

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