Big Brother: who were the visitors who left the house due to the people’s vote

Big Brother: who were the visitors who left the house due to the people’s vote

There are two visitors left in the reality show. This week it will be decided which of them wins a house.

This Sunday, in Big Brother, two visitors left the most famous house in the country after the positive vote. The relatives who faced each other were Dolphinthe daughter of Virginia Demo; Facundothe friend of Martin Ku; Franciscothe son of Darío Martínez Cortiand Frankthe brother of Bautista Mascia.

As the driver explained Santiago del Moro At the beginning of the program, the visitor who receives the most positive votes “will be the last to leave the game, will give leadership to the player he represents and will receive a house as a prize.”

Throughout the entire gala, del Moro announced who was being “saved” due to the low rate of votes from the public, something that increases the intrigue to see who of those left in the house will win the house that is at stake. .

Who were the visitors who left the house?

The first “saved” of the house was Facundo Chen. Immediately, he also revealed that Francisco, Darío’s son, had to grab his suitcases and leave the reality show. Although Pancho had a relationship with the most popular player in the competition, Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglionecould not manage to stay and win the house.

Later, minutes before midnight, the presenter told Franco that he had to say goodbye to the participants and leave the contest. Del Moro then reported that Francisco obtained 12.2 percent of the public votes and Franco 18.4 percent.

Facundo or Delfina, one of them will win a house this week in Big Brother. The board is open again and the vote is positive.

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