Big Brother: they ask for the expulsion of “Furia” for attacking Arturo

Big Brother: they ask for the expulsion of “Furia” for attacking Arturo

Juliana “Furia” Scaglionethe most famous participant of Big Brotherkicked and kneed Arturo, the dog adopted by Martín Ku, better known as “Chino”, so social networks exploded and asked for his expulsion from the House.

In the images you can see “Furia” running to the back of the place with a microphone in her hand while Arturo chases her.

The 32-year-old was trying to sing and since the dog wanted to play, Scaglione got angry and reacted violently.

The reaction of the networks after Furia’s kick to Arturo

The moment went viral on social networks and people asked for the participant’s expulsion.

A user of the social network X stated: “If they don’t cut her for this, I really don’t understand anything else”.

Another wondered: “What’s up with Big Brother, do you have to mistreat dogs to get into that garcha?”

The followers of the reality show demand that the production make a quick decision and have no regard for “Furia”, which is one of the top candidates to win the award.

In the midst of all the rejection from the audience, the dog’s rescuers once again expressed themselves with a desperate call. It would not be the first time that since the foundation Lost Footprints They ask for the dog to leave the house, but this time the situation reached a limit since Juliana kicked him during an activity.

In this way, on their social networks they replicated the video of the moment where this situation occurred and expressed: “We no longer know what to do to get Arturo out of the house”.

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