Brad Pitt: Next daughter erases his name

Brad Pitt: Next daughter erases his name

Another blow for Brad Pitt in his war of roses with Angelina Jolie: his daughter Shiloh no longer wants to be called Jolie-Pitt.

Another family blow for Brad Pitt (60) in the divorce war against Angelina Jolie (48). After Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (15) recently went by the name of Vivienne Jolie in a theater production, another daughter of the Hollywood star is going even further. Shiloh (18) apparently wants to officially remove her father’s surname from her name. So far, only one application has been submitted. However, it seems that the authorities will make the name change official now only a formality.

First official act after reaching adulthood

According to TMZ, Shiloh applied for a name change on her 18th birthday. Her first official act as an adult is to get rid of her father’s part of her name. She had already referred to herself as Shi Jolie on hers. The 18-year-old is active as a dancer and apparently wants to be creative without the protection of her famous parents. Nevertheless, she performs under her mother’s name.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is said to have felt sorry for her father recently. At least that is what the US magazine “Life and Style” claimed. “She understands that he has become estranged from some of her siblings, but she adores her mother and only does what she is comfortable with,” it says. Only she and Vivienne’s twin brother Knox (15) are said to still (partially) stick by their father.

The situation is clearer with Angelina Jolie’s children, whom she adopted before her marriage to Brad Pitt. Maddox (22), Pax (20) and Zahara (19) are reportedly on her mother’s side. The latter introduced herself at her university only as Zahara Marley Jolie. She did not use the name of her father, who had adopted her like her older siblings.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016, after four years of marriage and a twelve-year relationship. Since then, a war of roses has been raging, and not just in court.

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