Christian Bärens: Former “Let’s Dance” professional dies at 46

Christian Bärens: Former “Let’s Dance” professional dies at 46

Mourning for Christian Bärens: The former “Let’s Dance” professional died unexpectedly at the age of 46. He danced with Sylvie Meis in 2010.

The “Let’s Dance” family is mourning the loss of a former professional dancer: Christian Bärens, who glided across the dance floor with Sylvie Meis in the third season of the RTL dance show in 2010, died unexpectedly on May 14 at the age of 46. This was announced by his good friend Irena Canova, through whom Bärens’ family is asking for donations for the funeral.

RTL on the death of “Let’s Dance” professional: “Our thoughts are with his family”

RTL has also already received the news of his death. “Even though he only took part in ‘Let’s Dance’ for a short time, the news of his sudden death shocked us. Our thoughts are with his family and we send them lots of strength,” the broadcaster wrote.

Christian Bärens last lived in the USA, where he worked as a “wonderful teacher of Latin American ballroom dancing,” as “gofundme” continues. According to the report, the dancer was taken to a hospital in Brooklyn on April 26, where he was treated in the cardiology intensive care unit. “He fought for his life for two weeks, but lost the fight.” Meis also commented on Instagram. “A great person has left us. I am incredibly sad about the news of the far too early death of my dear Christian. I danced my way back to a new life with him after my cancer. He was an enrichment for everyone who knew him,” she wrote.

Family asks for donations for the funeral

Since Bärens was born in Germany, he will be buried here. The family is asking for donations for travel costs and the funeral. Of the requested $10,000, $7,425 has already been raised (as of May 31, 1 p.m.).

In 2010, Christian Bärens taught Sylvie Meis how to dance on “Let’s Dance”. However, he dropped out after a short time due to back problems and was replaced by Christian Polanc. Meis took second place at the time.

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