Before the European elections: Schöneberger and Co. brush their teeth

Before the European elections: Schöneberger and Co. brush their teeth

In one video, celebrities like Barbara Schöneberger reach for their toothbrushes. It sounds strange – but there is a message behind it.

Simple video, big message: in which numerous German celebrities such as Barbara Schöneberger (50), Florian David Fitz (49) and Stefanie Giesinger (27) do something completely everyday: they brush their teeth. Behind this lies an important appeal.

Celebrities brush their teeth – for good reason

With the video, the stars want to call for people to vote in the upcoming European elections next Sunday (June 9). The campaign’s motto is unmistakable: “Voting is like brushing your teeth – if you don’t do it, they’ll turn brown.”

In addition to Schöneberger, Fitz and Giesinger, model Marie Nasemann (35), actress Caro Cult (29) and actors Jannik Schümann (31), Jannis Niewöhner (32), Tim Oliver Schultz (35) and Hannes Jaenicke (64) also pick up their toothbrushes in the video for democracy and against right-wing extremism. A song composed for the campaign by Bodo Wartke (47) and Marti Fischer (33) is played in the background.

It says, among other things: “This election is really important, not to say colossal. And the whole thing cannot happen without you. Don’t give up on your potential. Because every vote can make a difference. You can believe that much.”

Who is allowed to vote?

The citizens of the 27 EU states will elect a new European Parliament from Thursday (June 6) to Sunday (June 9). The Netherlands will start on Thursday, while most other countries, including Germany, will vote on Sunday.

who is at least 16 years old, has German or another EU citizenship, is resident in Germany, has been in the EU for at least three months and is registered on the electoral roll. Anyone who cannot go to the polling station on June 9 can still apply until June 7 at 6 p.m.

Source: Stern

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