Alec Baldwin will star in a reality show with his family: when will it premiere?

Alec Baldwin will star in a reality show with his family: when will it premiere?

The famous actor Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria will release a reality show, where they will expose ”the ups and downs” of their daily lives while raising seven children. It will premiere in 2025, on the network FTA.

Baldwin’s Instagram post about the show’s announcement details: ”We are inviting you to our home so that the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the wild and the crazy can live.

“Home is the place we like to be most”added the 66-year-old American actor, who will be accompanied by Hilaria, 40.

The controversy surrounding actor Alec Baldwin

The announcement occurred this Tuesday, arrives in the middle of Baldwin’s preparation to face a trial in the state of New Mexico, under the charge of involuntary manslaughter for the death on the set of the director of photography of his film ”Rust”.

The victim was Halyna Hutchins 42 years old, who died in October 2021 as a result of a gunshot on the filming set of this state in the southwestern United States, when the gun the actor used in the scene contained a real bullet.

The movie gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez was sentenced in April to 18 months in prison for the case after a long court process, for giving the wrong gun to Baldwin.

Baldwin, who denied the allegations, has maintained a cautious relationship with the media since the incident, limiting himself to a few interviews in which He insisted that he did not pull the trigger. The trial will begin on July 10.

Reactions to the announcement of the new reality show

This Tuesday’s post shows it in an intimate facetand offers some scenes of her children, ranging from 19 months to 10 years old, running around her house, screaming and jumping on the couches.

“We are the Baldwins and we are going to TLC! God help us,” the actor closes.

The publication was shared on the couple’s accounts and generated mixed reactions, where some users applauded the initiative, while others responded with questions: “If this is a reality show, they need to recognize the people we don’t see, those who care of their children. How many babysitters do they have?” wrote @lee_ann56.

Furthermore, there were several who They were suspicious of the date of the announcement and the start date of the triallike for example @jacquelinemiller5606, who said: ”Just before the trial.”

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