A two-day getaway full of tradition and good gastronomy less than an hour from CABA

A two-day getaway full of tradition and good gastronomy less than an hour from CABA

The province of Buenos Aires offers a rich amalgam of culture and tradition, which attracts tourists from all over the world. From its picturesque rural towns to its vibrant coastal towns, this region has something for everyone.

But given the size and number of places to discover, choosing a route for a getaway can be complicated. That is why we recommend this two-day tour to immerse yourself in Argentine tradition and culture.

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Two days to make the most of local tradition and gastronomy.

Two-day getaway near CABA: tradition and good gastronomy

The history, architecture and gaucho customsheritage of the province of Buenos Aires, invite you to tours with tastings of Creole dishes, walks through ranches and horseback riding through the countryside a few kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This two-day itinerary will take you to explore the cultural and gastronomic wealth of the area:

Day 1: Lujan and Mercedes

Start your journey from Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and head towards Luján65 kilometers from the federal capital on the National Route No. 7. In Luján, you can visit the emblematic Basilica, the Enrique Udaondo property with its traditional museums and the Quinta de Cigordia Municipal Natural Reserve.

Then continue towards Mercedesaccessing through the Luján-Bragado highway. In Mercedes, the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Cathedral and the Municipal Museum will surprise you with their beauty and unmissable exhibitions. You can enjoy the gastronomic traditions in the Cacho Di Catarina grocery store, taste typical dishes in the old warehouses of Tomas Jofre and explore outdoor options like horseback riding, sulky rides, and craft fairs. To rest, the ranches in the area offer accommodation for the night.

Day 2: San Andrés de Giles and Carmen de Areco

From Mercedes, take the Provincial Route No. 41 to reach San Andrés de Giles. Explore its main city and enjoy the charm of its corners and stories. He Azcuénaga Tourist Village In this area it is a special attraction, with its dirt streets and Italian-style houses that offer delicious country menus in restaurants decorated with antique objects.

In the afternoon, head to Carmen de Areco on the Luján-Junín Highway to relax in the Municipal Spa on the banks of the Areco River. Don’t miss a visit to the Tower of Silence, inside the municipal cemetery, where the exhibitions related to the world wars are a unique experience.

End your tour at Gouin Tourist Villagea picturesque place with 130 inhabitants, where you can taste the typical Buenos Aires pastries. Then, return to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires via National Route 7, arriving in approximately two hours.

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