Black gold: the properties of this superfood that will improve your health 100%

Black gold: the properties of this superfood that will improve your health 100%

This tuber is one of the most sought after by people thanks to its antioxidant properties; how to use it and its medicinal uses

The feeding It is a key pillar in the life of each person. Having a healthy diet will not only make you have more energy during the day, but it will also make you start to innovate with different products, which are not so well known, but which will strengthen you with their properties.

The case of the black mashua It is worthy of analysis. Considered by specialists as “black gold”this tuber native to the highlands of the Andean region It falls within the ranking of superfoods as it contains antioxidant properties.


What is black mashua

It’s a tuber which is present in countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, and, to a lesser extent, in Brazil and Argentina. Their skin is soft, firm and waxy. Some point to a relationship with potatoes, although mashua has a different flavor. If you want to eat it raw, its bitter notes may cause some rejection; Otherwise, when cooked, its consistency changes and gives it a sweet touch that can serve as a accompaniment for any type of meat.

Benefits of black mashua

The mashua has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which serve to alleviate pain and, in turn, is considered a natural remedy to restore order to the body in the face of ailments caused by bad movements or falls.

In depth, this food can also be an ally in a very sensitive issue such as cardiovascular. Its abundant content of phenolic compounds, tannins, anthocyanins, phytosterols and fatty acids are essential to detect any anomaly.

And regarding its composition and benefits, mashua contains protein, fiber, carbohydrates and high levels of vitamin C. At the same time, it has a great contribution of minerals such as iron, zinc and manganese.

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